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Aunty Jo
I have had thick, ugly toenails since I was a child but the last few years they have become increasingly difficult to cut with normal nail clippers or scissors so I decided I needed to look for an alternative. All the nail cutters seem to have mixed reviews so I just took a chance and ordered these and I'm so glad I did, they really did cut my nails like a hot knife through butter! No more soaking my feet for half an hour before attempting a long battle to cut my nails, literally just five minutes and all ten nails were shorter than they had been for years. Even my ingrown toenail was straightened up bringing huge relief. A honestly can't believe the quality for the price. Highly recommended!
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 CANDURE has started its career in Health and beauty items in July 2010. We have started our journey with the products related to the dental health and hair cutting. With thesuccess in the start of our journey, we managed to introduce more products in the market. Our product line got revolutionized with the passage of time and we became able to provide best quality dental, podiatry and hair scissors products to our customers. Our customers are the main reason for our success throughout our journey so we want to say thanks to them.   


It is our firm belief that the value of innovation is intrinsic and better ways could be found by it for manufacturing good quality items by utilising our resources.Customer satisfaction:

We are steadfast to produce our products as per the requirements of our valued customers. We remain responsive to our customers and we are offering unique services. We love to hear from our customers and solve their issue on priority basis.